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直通工廠 聚金創博
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創搏公司是一家集產品設計研發、生產制造、銷售及貿易為一 體的專業衛浴企業,公司主要生產各種中高檔衛浴產品。產品 涵蓋淋浴花灑、單孔菜盆龍頭、角閥、水咀等五金配件。
創搏每款產品的研發都是基于為消費者創造更舒適、美觀和實 用而設計的,讓用戶在衛浴上能夠擁有獨特的享受體驗。此外, 創搏設計的衛浴都能擁有自己的個性和特色,拒絕單一重復的 生活,讓您的衛浴空間更時尚、美觀。

Chuangbo is a product design and development, production and manufacturing, sales and trade as one of the professional bathroom enterprises, the company mainly produces a variety of high-grade bathroom products. The products include shower shower, single hole vegetable pots, corner valves, water taps and other hardware accessories.
Each product is designed for consumers to create more comfortable, beautiful and practical, so that users can enjoy a unique experience in the bathroom. In addition, Chuangpai bathroom design can have their own personality and characteristics, refuse a single repetitive life, so that your bathroom space more fashionable, beautiful.